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Important Information to all District Residents
The District has implemented a new meter readings, billing information, and history management software package to the District Webpage. This package replaces the old meter reading package that was in use until July, 2011.
To view your current meter readings, billing information, and history via the new package click on the link below.

Important Notice: In order to access this information the first time, you must create a user name and secure password by following the instructions posted on the "Current Meter Readings" page. You will need your  account number that is located on your MUD bill that you receive in the mail each month.

When you enter your account number to set up your account the first time you must enter the entire number including all preceding and trailing zeros (total of 8 digits). You will also need to enter the zip code of your mailing address (not your billing address). Your password is yours and yours alone. Please write it down for safe keeping.

Click here to view "Current Meter Readings, Billing Information, and History Management"


If you wish to view your archived meter reading history prior to May, 2011, please click on the following link.
Click here to view “Archived Meter Reading History Prior to October, 2011”


Additional Helpful Information
Click here to see a “Sample MUD Bill”
Click here to see an "Example of How to Calculate Your Monthly Water Usage Charge"
Click here to review the current "Fees and Charges"
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