The forms listed below are the approved district forms. When applying for various services, please follow the processes defined under the "Apply for Service" section of this web page. As the steps are completed, the links to these forms are provided in that section. If you should need additional copies, the links below will provide a shortcut to the same forms provided in the "Apply for Service" section.


Application for Employment

    Emerald Bay MUD Application for Employment


Applications for water and/or Wastewater Service

     EBMUD Introduction to Water and Wastewater Service Letter

    Application for New Water and/or New Wastewater Service

    Application for Transfer of Water and/or Wastewater Service


Construction Permit Submittal Procedures

     Submittal Procedure for Residential Construction (New Construction & Remodels)

    Submittal Procedure for Minor construction (Small additions, Patios, & etc.)


Application For Home Demolition

     Residential Demolition Permit Application


Application For Construction Inspection

     Residential Construction Permit Application (New Construction & Remodels)

     Plumbing Permit Application

     Electrical, Framing, Mechanical, & HVAC Permit Application

     Final Inspection Permit Issued (Includes CSI and Backflow Inspection)


Blank Inspection Report Forms & Reports (For Inspectors Only)

    EBMUD Posted Construction Permit

    Construction Inspectors Title Sheet

    Plumbing Underground Inspection Checklist

     Plumbing Top-out, Electrical, Framing, Mechanical, & HVAC Delivery Checklist

     Final Inspection of Home Checklist (Includes CSI and Backflow Inspection Reports)

    Customer Service Inspection Report (Required at Final Inspection)

    Backflow Test and Maintenance Report (Required at Final Inspection)

    Water/Wastewater Tap Location Sketch (Required at Final Inspection)

    Certificate of Completion (Required at Final Inspection)


Real Estate

    Statutory Notice to Purchasers of Real Property


Water and Wastewater service Agreements

    Water Service Agreement

    Wastewater Service Agreement

    Wastewater Service agreement for Windcliff Harbor

    Water Leak Repair Acknowledgment


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